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Recycle Challenge

Nov. 4 - Dec. 6

Bonus Points Due

Dec. 6

Videos Due

Nov. 22

Vote for Videos

Nov. 26 - Dec. 6

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It's Easy! Here is How It Works...

Earn bin points by choosing the right bin:

  • Trash in the trash bins

  • Recyclables in the recycling bins

Earn waste reduction bonus points for extra credit!

  • Green purchasing

  • Composting

  • E-waste recycling


Green Cup Action Levels

Recycling Heroes = 90-100 points
Recycling Steward = 70-89 points
Recycling Ally = Fewer than 70 points

Questions about the Challenge?


1. Start Here

Recycle Challenge Registration

2. Pick Bin Locations

You do not need to survey all the bins in your school just pick a representative sample. Try to use 20 or more bins. Equal number of trash and recycling bins works best.

3. Complete Four Bin Surveys

You can take your surveys any day of the week. Try to do one survey per week (you do not need to do a survey the week of Thanksgiving).

A. Check Trash Bins

  • Ignore empty trash bins - they do not count as "correct" or "incorrect"

  • The trash bin will be scored as "correct" if it does not contain recyclable items

  • If the trash bin contains one or more recyclable item it is scored as "incorrect"

B. Check Recycling Bins

  • Ignore empty recycling bins - they do not count as "correct" or "incorrect"

  • The recycling bin will be scored as "correct" if it does not contain any trash items

  • If the recycling bin contains one or more trash items, it is scored as "incorrect"

4. Calculate Data

Download these instructions and worksheet

Print out the worksheet for easy data collection and use the spreadsheet to calculate the results.

For each location, enter the number of bins in the appropriate columns. Below is a short example of the worksheet.

sample calculations

The worksheet will automatically calculate the "Percent Correct" for each type of bin. It will also calculate the "Percent Correct for All Bins".

5. Submit Bin Survey Data

Complete four bin surveys during the Challenge. Submit your data each Friday by 3:00 PM (excluding Thanksgiving week). If you miss a survey you may complete two surveys in another week to make up for it.

Submit Data

To submit each bin surveys, you will report the following:
a) Total number of CORRECT TRASH bins
b) Total number of INCORRECT TRASH bins
c) Total number of CORRECT RECYCLING bins
d) Total number of INCORRECT RECYCLING bins
e) % Correct TRASH bins = a/(a+b) x 100
f) % Correct RECYCLING bins = c/(c+d) x 100
g) % Correct ALL bins = (a+c)/(a+b+c+d) x 100

6. Earn Bonus Points (Optional)

Complete the waste reduction survey before the end of the Challenge. You earn bonus points for programs that were implemented both before and during the Green Cup Recycle Challenge.

Waste reduction action ideas and the submission form are HERE.

7. Join the Video Challenge (Optional)

videoThe Video Challenge is a popular showcase for students’ environmental passions and talents. Share your school's waste reduction story while showing off your creativity and individual style.

8. Enter to Win-A-Bin (Optional)

Max-R BinsEnter the Max-R contest before the end of the Challenge to win a customized recycling center - only open to U.S. schools. Details HERE.


December 19, 2013

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